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Hayward Williams - Cotton Bell Hayward Williams
Cotton Bell
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Sunday Runners Andy Conrad?
This is Not a Revolution
Sunday Runners Sunday Runners
Tame Animals
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Sunday Runners Stukenberg
Mountain of Pieces
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The Apparitions The Apparitions
God Monkey Robot


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publishingMachine Music Publishing & Licensing is a service for independent artists which connects them digitally to music supervisors in the mainstream media and independent production world. With Machine Music, artists can license their music into productions without giving up any ownership, while TV and advertising producers can discover new music ready and pre-cleared for use. With a growing catalog, all by independent artists from around the world, customers will access music through Machine’s innovative search software and delivery device, the Music Machine. Coming soon!


Placements include :

FOX’s, The O.C. (Sundayrunners)
MTV’s The Hills ( Buddyrevelles)
E!/G4 Media, Food Chain ( The Apparitions)
ABC's Six Degrees (The Good Luck Joes)
MTV’s Real World and Road Rules ( several artists )
Domino's Pizza promotion (Gabriel Reed)
Adidas Footwear (Sundayrunners)
Leo Burnett promotions (Sundayrunners)
Arizona Jeans (Sundayrunners)
Movie 'Divine Unrest' (Martha Berner) and several other independent films
+ many more Coming Soon